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Air pollution is one of top 10 risks to the health of human beings in the world. Its poor quality can affect the cardiovascular system in addition to causing irritating respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Especially the smell of cigarette smoke is an annoying contemporary that is difficult to get rid of. Because the great smoke quickly pulls into the seat cushions and floor mats and lays down like a beautiful film on the windows and fittings in the vehicle interior.

The particles are another pollutant common to many people around the world. It is a complex mixture of metals, sulfates, soot, dust, water, smoke, rubber and other materials, illnesses in children and irregular heart rhythms.
Today, there are more and more cars that are having an air purifier. This smart device that cleans the interior of your vehicle when you are in a pollution fog on the way.

It is important that the design so that a giant air freshener does not obstruct the gearshift or even blocked. The air freshener must be normal to insert into the cigarette lighter and must not be a hard object. Flashing LED lights can always be shown when the device is working.

Different types of air purifiers

There are several types of devices for the purification of oxygen in a car:

Air filters:

There are three forms, namely the genuine HEPA, HESA filters and activated carbon filters. HEPA models can remove 99.97% of the pollutants, and, even if they are a size of 0.3 microns or more. HESA filters eliminate the smell of tobacco, pets, fast foods and gas used in the manufacture of the vehicle. Activated charcoal devices are used to remove odours in the air.


Ioniser Purifiers are based on the function of ionizing in a negative way the air so clean it to remove odours, Such devices Ionizer the particles that adhere to the different land on the surface of the car where they can be cleaned with a cloth.

Air purifiers:

This type of device Removes contaminants in the air.

Nanum Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Air Freshener

Best Humidifier

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In 2 or 3 drops of essential oil, it adequately covers odour, allergen invisibly harmful and brings the fresh scent to you. It not only works as a car humidifier but also aromatherapy diffuser, air purifier and auto aroma sprayer

Powered Plug

Power direct by 12 V car’s cigarette lighter

Mini Safety Hammer design

Broken windows steel becomes the high-temperature treatment. The fragrance diffuser charger head can be used as a hammer for hitting the windows to provide a safety guarantee

easy operation

Press the power on/off switch on the top humidifier and essential oil diffuser. Quiet Design makes the sound less than 50 dB, always offering you a high-quality air without noise.

Protect from Invisible Harm

It will always rid of static electricity, reduce dust allergy and protect you from dry air, flu, chapped skin in winter or cold weather after filling in water and being powered.

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