best car amplifiers 2019 – Stereo Amp Buyer Guide (Updated)

If a car has already built-in amplifier, so why use an external amplifier? The reason is simple, a best car stereo amplifier cannot handle the power of subwoofer except in rare case, especially happens quickly in the increase of high volume.

best car amplifiers 2018

Car amplifiers

What is an amp?  amplifier gives power source to sound system, as some speakers especially subwoofers need the power to express themselves. Technically, the amplifier modulates power generated from the car battery, which is DC volts, the most preferable for the sound system you might observe that the CAR music always better than home theater which CAR DC source is the one of reason.

“So if you want your car music to be loud the amplifire sould be powerful”

Music listening experience can be more enjoyable if your sound system works perfect, following factor are important to choice and perfect Amplifier

How to select Best Car Stereo Amplifier?

Car Amp Classes

An amplifier is essential in a quality installation. There are different types of amplifiers for different uses. Their efficiency is much different here we only discuss which are top related to audio systems.

  • class A amplifier
  • class AB amplifier
  • class C amplifier

What is class A amplifier?

Class A and its very low efficiency are reserved for domestic use,

class AB amplifier (best car audio amplifiers)

Class AB is used in the majority of best car audio amplifiers. It is an excellent compromise between softness, sound quality, and efficiency. This type of amplifier is generally used for the front speakers and rear.

class D amplifier?

The class D shines by its high efficiency: it provides more sound and consumes less power. His warm-up is also much lower. Less qualitative, but more quantitative, this class of amplification is very often used for the reproduction of low frequency (Subwoofer).

Amplifier channels

There are two essential categories classified from A to D. These categories of the amplifier can be classified into two major classes,

Mono amplifiers 

Mono amplifiers or monaural or monophonic amplifiers generally reserved for the bass channel. they are an excellent choice for powering subwoofers.

“Do you know? Kicker subs 10 inch have a double stitched surround and an exclusive four-layer voice coil which provides extreme power handling in this subs 10 40cwr122

best car amplifier 4 channel 2019 – Amazon

Multi-channel amplifiers:


that amplifies two speakers (left and right) or 1 subwoofer


which offers the possibility to power 4 speakers to choose from, namely 2 front speakers and two rear speakers or 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

“Rather than to mount multiple amplifiers like one for the front channels and one for channels rear, I will recommend you to move towards an amp 4 channel”

The 5-channel:

it powers at the same time 4 loudspeakers (2 front speakers and 2 rear speakers) and 1 subwoofer

Power of amplifiers

The first thing is to check the power. You must make sure that the RMS power based on the impedance that can sustain your speakers or your subwoofer is equal to that provided by your amplifier. But the best for a good operation of your audio equipment is to acquire speakers or a subwoofer that can support double the power of the amplifier. a HP must have the same RMS power that the amp (50W rms-> 50W rms amp Hp

Signal to noise ratio

It is the measure of the level of background noise added to the original signal by the amplifier. The value, the more the amp is well built (-85dB is better than – 75dB).

THD + Noise (distortion by harmonic rate)

This is the measure of the difference between the original signal and the amplified signal. This rate is low (THD = 0.01%), more the amp is faithful and powerful.

Amplifiers Wiring

Two other types of wiring are required also to the amplifier. Not only must it be connected with the source that is the car stereo, but it must also be connected with the speakers. The use of suitable cables is also recommended. You also have the option to use a capacitor to get an even more powerful car amplifier.

Take into account the power supply

The amplifier consumes a lot of power and so needs a direct electric line from the battery. Should it be equipped with a cable of the adequate section and independent protection through a fuse.

DO YOU KNOW: Rockford Fosgate P3 punch subwoofer series is for smallest subwoofers for car. it has the sound of a big speaker plus it is affordable price ranging from between 65$ – 199$

10 Best Car Bass Amplifier For The Money

  • JL Audio Slash V3
  • Pioneer GMA3602
  • JBL MA6004
  • Rockford Fosgate R500X1D
  • Kenwood KAC-M1804
  • Boss AR1500M
  • Pyle PLMRMP3B
  • Pioneer GM-D860n
  • Planet Audio AC1500.1M
  • Pyramid PB3818
  • JBL MA6004

Best Car Audio Amplifier- Video

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